Self Help. Activation. Responsibility. Empowerment

About Us

About Us

S.H.A.R.E. Foundation for Microfinance, Fair Trade and Peace Promotion is a non-profit association headquartered in Stuttgart and Bern.

The foundation name stands for Self Help, Activation, Responsibility and Empowerment.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is expressed in the foundation name:

​We are setting up and encouraging projects in developing countries, emerging nations and worldwide conflict regions that will bring about the empowerment for self-help and self-responsibility.


Our Projects

Our projects are settled in these areas:

Granting of social microfinance loans for Start-Up entrepreneurs in developing countries to make a sustainable contribution towards a real middle class structure on site.

Projects that increase awareness and encouragement of Fair Trade.

Contribution in setting up peace-building projects in worldwide conflict regions with special emphasis to Middle East and Africa.


  • On the project level we want to help as directly as possible especially poor and war threatened people in growing quantities without any intermediaries. This is happening through independent projects from the foundation itself as well as co-op structures with native and state project partners.

    On the donor’s side we want to reach people and institutions that agree with our name and share our belief that personal and societal wealth is only legitimized when it’s shared from the privileged few especially with third world people.

  • Our Microfinance approach adresses the poorest of the poor within developing countries to help them enabling their own independent existence in the long run. Due to the fact that these people mostly have no financial guarantees, they are chanceless within the conventional capital market getting a loan in order to get a chance improving their living situation.

    Concerning the Fair Trade sector, our target group are workers in developing countries and emerging nations who are suffering under unsocial, health-threatening, unhuman and exploitative working conditions.

    Within our peace-building approach we want to encourage non-violent conflict solutions on civil and governmental levels from both civilian population and political Stakeholders will be able to draw a positive use for peace.​

Did you know that worldwide

79.5 mil.

People are forced to flee their homes.

235 mil.

People (a record) will need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2021, a near 40 % increase on 2020.

3 bil.

People live on less than $2.50 a day.

152 mil.

children aged five to 17 – half of them under the age of 11 – are victims of forced labour and often miss out on schooling.

260 mil.

Children do not go to school and can neither read nor write.


  • 1. Social Microfinance

    There are many forms of development co-ops and foreign aid for Third World Countries. Every type is eligible thereby as long as it has a lasting emancipatory influence and creates no (further) dependence. In this context, governmental and other international institutions, third-party organizations and private businesses all play an important and useful role. The enormous challenge for developing countries however lies in generating a small business culture that can serve as an important base for the development of a real middle class. This would enable the working population to gain more independence from gridlocked working structures within governmental entities or huge cooperations, which means a better socio-economic diversity to strengthen the democratic structures in a given location.

    Within our Microfinance approach, we as a strongly person-oriented initiative are focusing on the self-help and empowerment of business interested people and groups which normally would not be seen as credit worthy. In this way, our work concentrates mostly on the sustainable empowerment of the socially and economically disadvantaged, why the specific needs of these credit users should be given special attention. Therefore acompanying measures like extended professional education, small business leadership and schooling in marketing and sales are decisive and can make up to 2/3 of the program costs. Although the administrative costs of microcredits are high, real interest charges should be held as low as possible and kept in line with productivity development. Thats why only a part of the loan should be paid back within a reasonable deadline.

    Nevertheless, S.H.A.R.E`s microfinance approach pushes for the founding of entrepreneurships that should also contend with real competitive conditions. Thus, it is very important to ensure the sustainability of business initiatives and market ability of future plans to expand. Thats the reason why interest-free loans can only be assured in exceptions. Under the recipients are most importantly young people and women as the so called “agents of change” who are very important for a sustainable and self-created development in the country. The selection of microfinance projects follow in different ways. S.H.A.R.E cooperates with experienced strategic partners (i.e. Opportunity International) on the one hand but can identify, execute and maintain projects that support individuals or locally organized groups also by itself.

  • 2. Fair Trade

    Today’s world economy is becoming increasingly globalized which itself is a very positive development because the globalization process brought huge achievements with it. One of these achievements is the fact that developing and emerging countries do play an increasingly important role in world-wide economic value chains of western cooperations which allows these countries to catch up with the rest of the world.

    Unfortunately, this catch up process isn’t problem free and brings considerable challenges with it because this displacement trend  finally had the result that labor-intensive business areas were exported to these countries in order to reduce working and production costs and avoid rigid working regulations. S.H.A.R.E wants to confront these resulting social issues, especially the lack of social standards (i.e. no forced or child labor) by promoting projects in which free trade will be expanded and extended through principles of fair trade. Through this, inhuman and exploitative living and working conditions shall be abolished step-by-step.

    In practice, this means our support for implementing voluntary, ethical-social and environmental standards in developing countries’ production as well as the promotion of ethical marketing activities for fairly traded goods. Our project partners are working with us on the level of civil society as well as private economics, because they share our conviction that social and economically responsible trading in production and distribution isn’t only useful to people in the third world. Even local businesses and cooperations can profit in the long-run from Fair Trade since consumer awareness for ethical and social consumption is growing rapidly, which brings significantly market potential for fairly traded goods.

  • 3. Peace-Promotion

    S.H.A.R.E wants to contribute to peace-building programs in conflict regions of the world. This will be accomplished by the development of structures that promote violence-free and rational conflict solutions. The points individually are:

    • Structures that help to see a benefit in the diversity of ethnicities and religions
    • Structures, which enables sustainable acting within a social and economic context in order to gain individual and collaborative welfare
    • Structures that teach individuals and groups to protect themselves from demagogy and abuse for political power.

    To reach these goals, we are working with partner organizations and individuals in crisis regions like the Middle East (Geneva Initiative and Palestinian Peace Coalition) and Africa (Center of Peace Advancement Nigeria). Furthermore, we place special emphasis on working with children and young people because their development rewards their and their community’s welfare through peace-building.

  • “More means for sustainable purpose”

    — Paul Fivat, S.H.A.R.E. Chairman and former Swiss Ambassador —
  • “Your donations reach the people in our projects safely and provable.”

    — Dr. Judith Blickle, CEO of S.H.A.R.E. —
  • “Social Microfinance supports people developing their self-help potential and release them from poverty in their own right”

    — Anke Luckja, Head of International Project Coordination, Opportunity International —
  • “A two-state solution is the only option that will allow both Israelis and Palestinians to realize their aspirations”

    — Benjamin Rudtland, Head of Foreign Relations of the Geneva Initiative —
  • “Violence always begets Violence and is no way to peace

    — Ayed Atmawi, Project Coordinator for the Palestinian Peace Coalition —
  • “Our Loan Funds assist young Israelis and Israel-Arabs in opening small business and creating employment opportunities”

    — Amir Sznajderman, Head of Economic Development and Loan Funds, Jewish Agency —


Our Partners

Geneva Initiative, Israel, Palestine

Lehrhaus Foundation, Stuttgart

Trade not Aid. Profit and Purpose.

CEPAN, Jos, Nigeria

Lifeline Compassionate, Nigeria

SPARSI, Maiduguri, Nigeria


Social Entrepreneurship HuB (SE-HuB), Ghana

Opportunity International, Cologne

Be aware... Wear Future Fashion!

Foundation for Development Cooperation, Baden-Württemberg

The Ministry of State, Baden-Württemberg

Please Donate!

Your donations reach the people in our projects safely and provable. In order to ensure this within every project, we always work in close cooperation with native partners who understand the situation on site and can ensure that your donations arrive without deductions.

During every life-span of a project, there will be regular evaluation trips from S.H.A.R.E members to the particular location in order to ensure that the active involvement is always enabled and the direct dialogue is never interrupted. According to S.H.A.R.E´s philosophy, these evaluation trips will be personally funded by S.H.A.R.E members and will not have an effect on your donation.

Moreover, our work will be most successful if we have campaigners and supporters who share our ideas and philosophy by helping us through their donations. The most useful donations however are these which we can globally apply where ever it is currently needed the most. But you also can donate as a matter of course for one specific project at your own option with our guarantee that your donation is used only for your personal concern.

Thank you!!




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