Microfinance Start-Up Promotion Ghana

Promotion of Start-Ups to fight one Cause of Migration

Using a specific Start-Up Program for SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the north of Ghana, S.H.A.R.E. wants to fight the economical lack of perspectives, that is one important cause of migration for many young people. This is done in cooperation with CENSODEV (Center for Social Mobilization and Sustainable Development), a local social enterprise, that also fights against migration tendencies of young potential entrepreneurs moving into larger cities of Ghana or Europe.

Ghana still is an example of democratic and economical development in Africa. However it faces a huge difference of income and development opportunities between the metropolitan areas on the coast and the northern provinces near the border to Burkina Faso. Therefore, many young people are seeking a better future somewhere else, that in turn weakens the developmental strength in the North.

CENSODEV is based in Navrongo, a small town in the Upper-East-Province in the North of Ghana. In Cooperation with S.H.A.R.E. their aim is to contribute overcoming poverty and social disadvantages in that region. After many years of engagement and consultancy work, CENSODEV has various contacts to vocational training facilities, host companies as well as to manufacturing groups and cooperatives (mainly women) in urban and rural areas of the region.

S.H.A.R.E. and CENSODEV are strongly convinced, that a sustainable improvement of the situation only can be achieved, if the development of a poor industrialized region with few jobs is focused on the promotion of small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Only this can help to establish middle-class structures, which are essential for long-term social growth.

Therefore, S.H.A.R.E. and CENSODEV established a specific “SME Development Program”. As a first step, 20 SMEs with precise business concept and clear intention to start a business were selected. During the following two years, these SMEs are going to receive Business and Design Schooling, intense Consultancy and Workshop Coaching. As local professionals, CENSODEV helps by bringing in their network and comprehensive consulting experience. Additionally external specialists of the local business community, the banking sector, the public administration as well as a lecturer for “Development Studies” are involved. A specific curriculum has been created to ensure a practical development fitting to local circumstances. The curriculum includes general economical requirements as well as the socio-economical characteristics of the Start-Up entrepreneurs’ background (extended families and tribes).

Besides relevant questions and economic requirements, the training measures include the elaboration and calculation of a Business Plan with a clear concept. During their development and stabilization phase, the SMEs are supported financially with a special S.H.A.R.E.”Microcredit Program”. In order to create better networking options and to strengthen individual needs, a specific ALUMNI-Network is going to be installed and annual SME conventions will be held. This helps to achieve a regional and political anchoring of our SME- Program in order to ensure entrepreneurial sustainability. Furthermore, the young entrepreneurs are supposed to build up long-term commercial partnerships to secure sustainable success. For this purpose S.H.A.R.E. and CENSODEV will build up a special “Start-Up Center” and Marketing Platform. This approach ensures, that the SMEs will be able to suceed in domestic and local, but also in national and international markets.

If it comes to international market and sales furthermore, the SMEs will cooperate and do Business with Social.Urban.Nature for Life


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