• On the project level we want to help as directly as possible especially poor and war threatened people in growing quantities without any intermediaries. This is happening through independent projects from the foundation itself as well as co-op structures with native and state project partners.

    On the donor’s side we want to reach people and institutions that agree with our name and share our belief that personal and societal wealth is only legitimized when it’s shared from the privileged few especially with third world people.

  • Our Microfinance approach adresses the poorest of the poor within developing countries to help them enabling their own independent existence in the long run. Due to the fact that these people mostly have no financial guarantees, they are chanceless within the conventional capital market getting a loan in order to get a chance improving their living situation.

    Concerning the Fair Trade sector, our target group are workers in developing countries and emerging nations who are suffering under unsocial, health-threatening, unhuman and exploitative working conditions.

    Within our peace-building approach we want to encourage non-violent conflict solutions on civil and governmental levels from both civilian population and political Stakeholders will be able to draw a positive use for peace.​

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